Girlfriend Protasevich “persists” in letter to her mother

Sofia Sapega, the Russian girlfriend of the Belarusian journalist Protasevich, writes in a letter to her mother from her cell in Belarus that she does not give up and persists. In the letter, shared with the BBC, she assures her mother that everything will come to an end, including this setback.

The 23-year-old Sapega and Protasevich were on the plane forced to land in Belarus on 23 May, which later became clear to be able to arrest Protasevich. Sapega was also arrested and she, too, is still in custody.

In the letter KGB Prison above, she writes that she is tormented by the thoughts of what she is missing, including getting her master‘s degree. I should have defended my thesis today and went to a restaurant with Roman in the evening to drink champagne. Instead, she drinks tea and eats a biscuit, only in her cell, writes the BBC.

It is still unclear why Sapega is being detained exactly. In a video that pops up earlier, she confesses to working for her boyfriend’s Telegram channel. The private addresses of members of Lukashenko‘s police officers were published.

In the letter, she asks her mother not to blame Protasevich for what happened to her. She says he did everything he could to protect her. He’s going to have a hard time, I hope he can deal with it.

Newshour spoke with relatives of inmates in Belarus, to find out how their loved ones are going in prison. Note: the images and stories are shocking. They give a glimpse into the prisons of Lukashenko:

It is unclear whether she knows about the interview that Belarusian state TV broadcast with him last week. He took responsibility for actions that violate public order and told him to respect President Lukashenko, who had responded like a man with steel balls to the recent unrest in the country.

Given the rhetorical turn of 180 degrees, it is evident that Protasevich has spoken his words under great pressure. The Belarusian authorities are known for publishing confession videos of arrested opposition figures, expressing regret for their role in the opposition movement.

CCEit on 3 explained earlier how Lukashenko had a plane ‘hijacked’: