Girls girls return to the tube in spring

Good news for fans of Chateau Meiland: in the spring the programme will be back on the tube. Talpa and Martien Meiland will announce this Thursday.

Because Martien, Erica, Maxime and Claire have long left the French chateau, things will change in the new and fifth season. The new series shows the difficulties surrounding their move from France to Hengelo. The Meilandjes have been living there since the summer, but are already leaving because the family and the municipality of Bronckhorst are in the process of zoning their newly purchased yard.

Erica informed De Cceit on Wednesday that she and Martien will leave the house in Hengelo in the future. This is because problems had arisen around the zoning plan of the yard. One day before, she announced at RTL that Maxime is moving in with her friend Leroy.

When exactly the new season begins, it is not yet known. In December, the family was still on TV with a Christmas special. In Christmas with the Meiland family, the viewer could enjoy their trip to Lapland.