‘Give group 8 people a higher school advice if they are between two levels’

If pupils in grade 8 are between two school levels, they should be given the highest level as advice. That‘s what an important educational organization says. For example, if a teacher has doubts between VMBO or HAVO, then according to the organization they should give havo advice.

Eighth group members normally receive advice from their teacher on what level they can do in high school in February. After completing the final test in April, this advice can still be revised upwards.


But corona doesn’t allow children to prepare for the final test. Also, some children are lagging behind in their school work at home, according to the educational organizations. They are therefore afraid that these children will receive less advice than they can actually handle.

The organisations therefore call on pupils to give the highest possible advice.

Politicians from different municipalities are also concerned about children who can make their school work more difficult at home. They want extra money from the government to reduce backlog among pupils.