GL-candidate Bouchallikht supported anti-Semitic thesis

Anyone who does not dare to equate the State of Israel with terror army Islamic State, like GL leader Jesse Clover, is a villain or coward’. Candidate MP Kauthar Bouchallikht endorsed this statement on Facebook two years ago.


‘like’ of a Facebook publication discovered by Geenstijl once again casts a mark on the candidacy of the activist Bouchallikht. She was previously compromised because of her leadership position at Femyso, an Islamic umbrella organisation that experts believe is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. She also appeared to have trained at the Turkish-nationalist organisation Milli Gรถrรผs, where men and women had to be separated. Last week she had to go through the dust after a photo of a demonstration against Israel, where banners with scloths were seen.

This latest revelation is about the cooperation in the Rotterdam City Council which ended in 2008 between GL and the Islamic party Nida. Party leader Klaver felt that Nida should โ€œunequivocallyโ€ distance from an old tweet that equated Israel with IS. A Nida supporter posted a fierce reaction on Facebook: anyone who had problems with that comparison, like Klaver, was ‘a villain. Or cowardly. Bouchallikht expressed her agreement with the theorem with a thumb up. GL does not address the flashing fire around the number 9 of the candidate list.

Scarf as blindfold

In the meantime there is also criticism from the party itself about the candidacy of Bouchallikht. โ€œUnfortunately, Kauthar’s headscarf works as a blindfold for GL,โ€ says Hulya Elmas in De Cceit. The lawyer and former GL Councilman. โ€œThe essence is that there are critical questions about whether she should have been a candidate for a progressive party like GL. GL cannot take that off as if it were about her headscarf.โ€