GL leader Klaver calls statements Fvd state dangerous: ‘This ends in violence’

Forum for Democracy of party leader Baudet and the FVD MPs Van Houwelingen and Van Meijeren make statements dangerous to state and direct political violence. GroenLinks leader Klaver draws these conclusions in a publication on his partys site.

About the comparisons Baudet makes of the corona measures with the Holocaust, he says: โ€œYou cant sink much deeper. But the bottom isnt in sight yet. This ends in violence, Im afraid. And were closer there than many think.โ€

Klaver does not call the incident at the dwelling of D66 leader Kaag โ€œaccidental action of one conspiracy extremistโ€. A man with a burning torch shouted slogans and called her bell. It is an Amsterdammer of 29 who has been arrested more often over the past year for criminal offences. The man has been brought before today and remains in custody for two weeks longer. Then he must appear before the police judge.

According to Klaver, this incident is part of something bigger. โ€œThe same evening, FvD-MP Van Houwelingen stressed on the internet that Kaag is responsible for implementing WEF policy. A week earlier, Fvd MP Van Meijeren called for action in violation of democratically established rules, in order to overthrow the regime . These words and frames are anti-democratic. And state dangerous.โ€

The WEF is the World Economic Forum, an organization in which politicians, business people and scientists exchange ideas, which is seen by conspiracy thinkers as evil force behind many developments.

Political violence

According to Klaver, abandoning democratic principles leads to political violence. โ€œThats what were in danger of heading towards. The seed for that is deliberately planted by a political group in our country.โ€ He therefore thinks it is time for politics to make a counter-noise and draw boundaries to protect the democratic rule of law.

He expects social media companies to โ€œtake responsibility and not let their platforms be abused for an attack on democracyโ€. And in the House of Representatives he wants to โ€œdeprive the FVD MPs when the plenary room of parliament is used to undermine the rule of lawโ€.

Wake up

Outgoing Minister De Jonge and ChristenUnie leader Segers also made a direct link between the threats to members of the cabinet and statements by the politicians of the Forum for Democracy. โ€œIf you sow the poison of โ€œresistance,โ€ โ€œtribunals,โ€ and โ€œconfinement of your political opponents,โ€ it is this kind of harassment and threat that you reap,โ€ Segers said. โ€œTo everyone with a soft spot for Fvd, I would like to say: wake up.โ€

D66 leader Kaag said in her statement, โ€œAnd whoever thinks they should drive these threats, I say: what you say matters, rages up, scares people, makes our society unsafe.โ€

Baudet announced that he disagrees with the accusations in his direction. He thinks that he and his supporters, whom he mockingly calls wappies, are demonized. Van Meijeren said in an interview with deCCeit that he sees calls for civil disobedience and statements about tribunals and lawsuits against ministers as peaceful and loving opposition to the corona policy.