Glastonbury 2021 now permanently canceled

Glastonbury 2021 is definitely canceled. The organization will let us know with a statement on Twitter.

According to organizers Michael and Emily Eavis, they moved heaven and earth to make the festival possible despite the coronacrisis. They are therefore very sorry that they did not succeed again this year, just like last year. People who already had tickets for the 2020 edition can use them for the 2022 version.

โ€œWe are confident that by 2022 we will be able to create something very special for all of us!โ€

Even though British media speculated in December last year that the festival would not continue this year, the organisers themselves had confidence in it at the beginning of 2021. He gambled that the great โ€œmajority of the British โ€œwould have been vaccinated by June. โ€œWouldnt that be great. Then we can celebrate this summer that Glastonbury can be held.โ€

Since the British variant of the coronavirus emerged, a mutant that might be even more contagious, that opportunity seemed to be lost.