Glenn Hofman creates huge stunt on World Championships trims

Glenn Hofman created a huge stunt at the first World Trial Championship at the PBA by defeating 3-1 the big favorite for the first world title and the record prize of 220,000 euros, the Belgian Frederic Caudron.

The first set won the 31-year-old Hagenaar convincingly with 15-1 and also in the second set he was master and master of the three balls and won a set with 15-3. In the third set Caudron, who was among the contenders with the Greek Kasidokostas and the Spaniard Zapata, did some back and won that set with 15 -7.

The professional billijarter in The Hague managed to control his nerves with the finish line in sight and continued to control the match and choked out the fourth set with 15-6. Hofman had an average of 2,476 down against 1,250 for Caudron.

Hofman will meet the Korean Dong-koong Kang in the quarterfinal today.