Glennis Grace emotionated by messages after breakup

Glennis Grace feels greatly strengthened by all the messages she received after it became known that her relationship with her friend Lรฉvy was on the cliffs. The singer never thought that so many people would live with her, she says in her first vlog.

โ€œ I‘m just watching all the heartwarming messages I’ve received under my video about the break between me and Lรฉvy. I just want to say that I seriously never expected this to happen in my life. That people can feel so sympathetic to someone,โ€ says Glennis emotionally. โ€œI‘m really going through a pussy period but these kinds of messages really help me through it. Although I do cry now.โ€

On Friday, 42-year-old Glennis announced in a video that she and sixteen years younger Lรฉvy had put a point behind their relationship after three years. The two have been separated for more than two months, but the singer only made the news known now. According to her, โ€œno strange things had happenedโ€ but for now the break is โ€œthe best.โ€

The video, which has been watched over 60,000 times, strengthened Glennis in her decision to show her life in vlogs. โ€œNow that I’m so honest, even vloggingโ€, she announced the first episode.