Go Ahead climbs left row through spectacular comeback against Fortuna

Go Ahead Eagles has won a spectacular match against Fortuna Sittard. A total of seven goals were in De Adelaarshorst. The victory makes Go Ahead in the left row of the Premier League.
Fortuna had to do it in Deventer, among other things, without the mainstay George Cox. Despite this, Fortuna got ahead relatively early on against Go Ahead. Mats Seuntjens lashed out and saw his attempt go through goalkeeper Warner Hahn into the goal: 0-1, and not much later Fortuna doubled the margin via captain Ben Rienstra.
After the 0-2 Go Ahead got better in the game. Kees van Wonderens team got a lot of opportunities, but goalkeeper Yanick van Osch proved to be a standinthe way. In the 53rd minute, the Eagles only managed to make the hookup target. Luuk Brouwers was able to take advantage of clumping in the Fortuna defense and made the 1-2.
After that, the goals went fast. Two minutes after the hit, Tesfaldet brought Tekie Fortuna back to a two-goal lead with a shot of distance. Soon after Tekie
s goal, Marc Cardona made his first hit in the service of Go Ahead, making the margin one again.
Despite this, Fortuna seemed to be heading for a victory in Deventer, but nothing turned out to be further true. Ten minutes before time, a high ball ended up at Iรฑigo Cรณrdoba, who was hit: 3-3, and it didnt stick to Go Ahead. Just before Joris Kramer headlined the winning hit for the home side, after which De Adelaarshorst exploded. Due to the victory, Go Ahead is now surprisingly eighth in the Premier League. Fortuna gets stuck in the sixteenth spot.