Go Ahead Eagles owner leaves, ‘his name sings around Ajax’

Go Ahead Eagles owner Alex Kroes will leave the club as of July 1. His shares are taken over by Kees Vierhouten, who becomes a major shareholder with ninety percent of the shares in possession.
Vierhouten, owner of Jumper, already had thirty percent of Go Aheads shares and takes over the sixty percent of Kroes. โ€œI can imagine that this message will surprise the necessary people,โ€ says Kroes on Kowets club site. โ€œI really feel connected to the club and I also think that supporters and sponsors have experienced that in recent years. But a sum of reasons has ultimately caused me to make this difficult but right decision.โ€
According to Voetbal International, this sum can be explained, as his name is mentioned at Ajax. Kroes departure from Go Ahead is remarkable, since he had a multi-year plan at the club and he wanted to make the Deventeners the fourteenth club in the Netherlands. Before his arrival, Go Ahead was the 23rd club in the country.
The KNVB has yet to approve the share transition, although Go Ahead does not expect any problems.
He (Vierhouten, ed.) was checked by the KNVB for various aspects not long ago, it sounds.

๐Ÿค Read the reaction of Alex Kroes, Hans de Vroome and new major shareholder Kees Vierhouten here: https://t.co/oOhKHNw8tS
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