Goal Wegorst and assist Memphis no coincidence: ‘At the training the same thing happened ‘

Wout Weghorst got up Sunday morning with a special feeling. A few hours later, the striker made his first goal for Orange, which caused him a large discharge.
In front of the camera of DeccEit, Weghorst is asked about the discharge that came from him after he scored. โ€œIt was pure joy,โ€ he says. โ€œThis was my first goal of course. Thats just beautiful, especially because its an important hit. Sometimes you get up and feel like its gonna be a special day. I had that feeling today. I knew it.โ€
The fact that Weghorst scored on Memphis Depay was no coincidence according to the striker of VfL Wolfsburg. โ€œYesterday at the training, the same happened by chance. I also showed him some images of a similar run of me against Scotland. Now it was the perfect ball with the perfect speed. In the end, I
m there to finish that kind of balls.โ€
Shortly after his goal, Weghorst was exchanged by national coach De Boer. The six-time international was sung loudly by the audience. โ€œThats super naturalโ€, concludes Weghorst.