Goalgetter Gerd Müller ‘sleeps to his end’

The German former top scorer Gerd Müller, who made the decisive (for us traumatic) 2-1 in the 1974 World Cup final against the Netherlands, sleeps towards its end. So says his wife Uschi Müller in Bild, a day before der Bomber turns 75 years old.

Müller has been suffering from Alzheimers disease for several years and is staying in a nursing home. Gerd is quiet and I do not think he is very much absent-minded, says his wife. I hope he cannot think of his fate, of a disease that deprives one of his last dignity.

Müller was the top scorer of the Bundesliga seven times. With Bayern Munich, he won four national titles and four German cups. He finished his career with 365 goals in 427 league matches. Two years before Müller won the World Champion in 1974 with the Mannschaft in his own country, he won the European Championship with Germany.

After his career, Müller fell ashore. He was helped by his former football friends at Bayern Munich, after which he was given a position in youth training.