God of War, Monster Hunter Rise and Ready or Not are back at the top of the Steam chart

The most popular games in terms of revenue on Steam this week are again God of War, which has already been launched on Steam Deck, and Monster Hunter Rise. And next, like last week, is the Ready or Not shooter. Elden Ring pre-orders have also kept their place in the top five, which recently had more than 20 minutes of gameplay, but the game FromSoftware overtook Dying Light 2.

This week, the developers continued to actively talk about the game. In addition, her achievements have appeared on the network.

And on the sixth place in the fresh chart are Total War: Warhammer III pre-orders. Charts from January 17 to January 23 God of War; Monster Hunter Rise; Ready or Not; Dying Light 2 Stay Human (pre-orders); Elden Ring (pre-orders); Total War: WARHAMMER III (pre-orders); Project Zomboid; Valve Index VR Kit; Warm Snow (new); Red Dead Redemption 2.

Also today Steam again set a record for the number of users simultaneously in the service – just under 29. 2 million people.

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