God of War on PC โ€” in GeForce NOW database found mentions of console exclusives

Russian dataminer IGHOR shared an interesting find: in the NVIDIA GeForce NOW database, he found a large list of PlayStation exclusives that many have already managed speculate, might show up on PC. Some Nintendo. According to IGHOR, he wanted to play projects that appeared on the service earlier but were removed from there.

In attempts to โ€œunlock forbidden gamesโ€, the enthusiast stumbled upon something more. IGHOR found more than 18K games in the GFN app โ€” it was like projects that have never been announced for the service โ€” Mafia: Definitive Edition, and projects that should not be there in principle โ€” God of War (2018) .

Note other interesting finds: Horizon Forbidden West; Ghost of Tsushima; Gran Turismo 7; Returnal; Ratchet & Clanck (2016); Demons Souls (2020); Uncharted: The Legacy Collection; New Super Mario Bros. ighor notes that exclusive games could run through Dolphin Emulator app (he also discovered it in GFN).

Another explanation could be NVIDIA GeForce NOW testing on consoles. Reminder that there is no accurate information about console exclusives coming to PC.

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