‘Godzilla vs. Cong’ unfolds five years after ‘Monster King’

The Collider edition interviewed the authors of โ€œGodzilla vs. Kongโ€, where they revealed a number of varied details about the project. So, the plot unfolds five years after โ€œThe King of Monstersโ€, when Godzilla managed to regain regal status among the huge critters.

But as evident from the debut trailer, then something went wrong. Now โ€œMonarchโ€ has its โ€œevil twin brotherโ€ in the person of the organization Apex, which deals with some dark delicacies.

At the same time, a branch of people will not disappear from the story, despite numerous complaints from the audience about past films – although the director noted that it works to strengthen the line of monsters. One of the new potential threats will be โ€œHollow Earthโ€ – it is from there that the critters from Skull Island first appeared.

โ€œMonarch,โ€ in light of the Titansโ€ threat to humanity, tries to drive huge critters back to where they came from. The conflict between Kong and Godzilla begins precisely after the former decide to take out the skull from the Island (perhaps there and created a passage inside the Pola Land).

At the time of the film, humanity is not yet in the post-apocalypse stage, but after Godzillas showdown, significant damage was done. In the painting there will be a lot of references to the past films about Godzilla and Kong, and among the main sources of inspiration the authors called โ€œGodzilla vs.

Motraโ€, โ€œGodzilla vs. Destroyerโ€ and โ€œGodzilla: Revivalโ€ .

The tape will show many new monsters and a battle under the water, which flashed on one of the posters. The premiere of the film in the Russian rental will take place on March 25, and already on 26 of the day it will appear on HBO Max.

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