“Godzilla vs. Kong” bypassed “Arguments” fees in the United States

The collection of Godzilla vs. Kong last weekend reached almost $358 million worldwide, and the film successfully bypassed Arguments in the US rental. If we talk about the indicators directly in the US market, then Godzilla vs.

Kong received almost 70 million dollars there, whereas Arguments limited to 58 million dollars. In the world distribution, Christopher Nolan‘s tape at one time collected 363 million dollars and was considered the most successful project during the coronavirus pandemic in the States, but now the film has lost to a newcomer.

Taking into account these indicators, Adam Wingard’s tape will soon bypass Nolan in the world market. In Russia Godzilla vs.

Kong has now dropped to the 3rd place of the rental, losing positions to Major Thunder and Mortal Kombat. In the local film grossed almost 828 million rubles, while Arguments managed to reach almost 946 million rubles – it is quite possible that the story of the bout of two titans will bypass Nolan and on this field.

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