Going Medieval released first update

Publisher The Irregular Corporation and Studio Foxy Voxel announced the release of the first major upgrade to the medieval strategic survivalist Going Medieval. It was called Shelves & Racks, and its main innovation is new storage spaces: bookcases, shelves, racks, armor mannequins, gun racks and chests. In addition, developers have prepared a number of innovations to improve the quality of life.

For example, you can prioritize different storage locations to let settlers know where to get resources and what storage to keep constantly loaded. The territories we have seen so far are now known as a small map (190×190), and the medium (220 x220) and the large (250×250) are available.

But so far, settlers are bad at carrying long distance hikes, so its worth using big cards at their own risk. The update brings a number of edits into balance, makes many game mechanics easier and more accessible and rules many game errors.

Going Medieval: accidental success or true hit? Going Medieval receives very positive reviews on Steam. A new trailer was dedicated to them and the laudatory press reviews.

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