Gold Win RKC by Kramer

RKC Waalwijk has won Sparta as late as well as a capital win on Saturday night. A 0-0 draw seemed to be the only logical result in a little entertaining relegation cracker, but Michiel Kramer gave RKC the points in the last minute.
When both teams were getting ready for the second half in Waalwijk, fence closer PEC Zwolle โ€” who made his first win of the season against Heracles Almelo โ€” had just crept closer. RKC and Sparta had three quarters of an hour, in which very little had happened. Both teams got one chance, but Maduka Okoye kept Jens Odgaard away from scoring and Etienne Vaessen rescued on a stake by Vito van Crooij.
In the second half, both teams knew that a win would be worth gold. Lennart Thy came in scoring position early on and Michiel Kramer later got two even bigger opportunities across the street, but both failed to break the ban. RKC ended up having the most left, but escaped once more: the raided Mario Engels suddenly turned up for Vaessen, but his chip went alongside.
Just before the time of injury, Iliass Bel Hassani suddenly got a whim. The left leg pulled in from the right, let the ball turn in and saw Kramer convincingly hit tinge. RKC comes at ten points and leaves the relegation zone behind for the time being. Sparta remains forlast, so sees PEC walking in and has to wait and see what FC Groningen does against AZ on Sunday night.

Whoever other than Michiel Kramer nods in the final phase 1-0 for @RKCWAALWIJK! #RKCSPA
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) October 23, 2021