Golden toilet bowl found in villa corrupt Russian official

Sitting on a pot of gold, that‘s not for everyone. But apparently it does for the corrupt Russian official Alexei Safonov. The Russian anti-corruption service found a golden toilet bowl in his villa during a search.

The anti-corruption service has released the footage of Safonov’s villa, which even amazes the Russians. The ceilings are decorated with gold, the staircases are marble, and yes: in the bathroom there is a shiny golden toilet bowl. According to The Moscow Times, this style has been out of fashion for years, but Safonov apparently was unaware of it.

19 million

Colonel Alexei Safonov, officer of the local traffic police in Stavropol, has been arrested with six other colleagues on suspicion of corruption. They would have put at least 19 million rubles (which is approximately 220,000 euros) in their own pocket in exchange for grain transports permits.

If Safonov is found guilty, he hangs over 15 years in jail.