Golfbond deprives Trump organization major: ‘This is huge disappointment’

In his last days as President of the United States, Donald Trump – he leaves on January 20 – has, according to his own words, received an โ€œincredible disappointmentโ€ from the golf world he so loved.

Trump owns eighteen resorts worldwide where you can play. On one of them – Trump National in Bedminster – one of the four majors, the PGA Championship, would be held next year. In 2014, the tournament was already awarded, to the pleasure of Trump, who was very honored. But now that it‘s almost there, a line goes through it.

The organization has decided to withdraw the tournament from Trump’s resort and even break all ties with the president.

Unsolicited in a political situation

The decision comes four days after the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters. โ€œWe are in a political situation unsolicited,โ€ explained PGA Director Seth Waugh.

Normally, Trump on Twitter would probably have responded quickly to the issue, but a few days ago he was deprived of his account. That‘s why an official statement came from the Trump Organization.

Trump speaks of breach of contract

โ€œ We are incredibly disappointed by this decision. This is breach of contract, they have no right to terminate the commitment. We put millions of dollars into the 2022 PGA Championship. We will continue to promote the sport and continue to create beautiful jobs worldwide,โ€ said Trump.

PGA Director Waugh informed that he would not expect legal action from Trump. โ€œWe want to protect our members, the game and our brand. And our feeling, after the tragic events of Wednesday, was that we couldn’t hold the PGA Championship in Bedminster anymore. The damage to the sport could have been irreparable.โ€

It is not yet known where the PGA Championship will be held. Earlier in 2015, the Grand Slam of Golf was canceled at the Trump National Los Angeles Golf Club, because the president had made an offensive statement about Mexican immigrants.

Medal of Freedom for Patriots coach

What Trump does feel good about is his friend and American Football greatness Bill Belichick. He will give the coach of New England Patriots, the only coach to win the Super Bowl six times, even the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

This is expected to happen on Thursday. Trump and Belichick have been seeing each other well for years. โ€œI have a good friendship and loyalty to Donald,โ€ Belichick said in 2016 when he praised Trump as president.