Golficoon Woods goes over the head with a car and sustained multiple injuries

Wave greatness Tiger Woods was injured in a one-sided car accident in Los Angeles. He got off the road and crossed the head, had to be removed from the wreck and was then rushed to a hospital.

Allegedly, 45-year-old Woods has sustained multiple injuries, especially to his legs. He‘s in surgery.

โ€œ Mr. Woods was the only occupant. His car is badly damaged. He was removed from the wreck with hydraulic rescue tools,โ€ an official said.

It is unclear how the accident could have happened. Woods was knowledgeable and approachable when the emergency services arrived at him.

One of the best golfers of all time

Woods announced earlier this week that he’s on his way back from a fifth back surgery. He had hoped to participate in the Masters in Augusta in April, one of the four major tournaments.

The American is seen one of the best golfers of all time. He is a record holder with 82 titles and fifteen of them he won at major tournaments.

Two years ago, Woods performed the impossible by winning the Masters for the fifth time after a period of injuries and extramarital affairs. He had sunk so deep that his career seemed to be over for a long time.

In his dark period, he was also involved in a car accident: in 2009 he crashed in front of his house because of a quarrel with his wife. And in 2017, Woods was arrested while he was sitting behind his wheel. According to the golfer came through medication.

Trump among prominent reactions to accident Woods

Numerous prominent people live with Woods. That‘s how Donald Trump says, โ€œGet better soon, Tiger. You’re a true champion.โ€ And undulating Jack Nicklaus: โ€œWe support him from the bottom of our hearts and pray for him.โ€