Good weather on Mount Everest and it rains records

On Mount Everest, several records were broken last week. A Hong Kong climbed the highest mountain in the world in less than 26 hours, making her the fastest woman ever. A Chinese man was the first blind Asian to conquer the 8849 meter high mountain and also the oldest American record has been broken.

After the mountain in the Himalayas was closed last year due to the coronavirus, mountaineers were admitted again this spring. Because there are probably only a few days left this year with suitable weather conditions, last week hundreds of alpinists were on the flanks of the mountain.

According to the press agency AP, this resulted in new congestion on Everest. Two years ago, a picture of a traffic jam of 200 climbers led to outrage. Because of the delays, they had a higher risk of freezing and altitude sickness. Seven climbers died at the time.


Tsang Yin-hun was lucky she didnt end up in such a congestion. The 45-year-old teacher from Hong Kong met only oncoming climbers and they cause much less delay than colleagues going in the same direction. As a result, she managed to reach the top in 25 hours and 50 minutes.

On May 11th she had already made it to the top, but then she had to return because of the bad weather. โ€œYou dont just get to the top with your own skills and teamwork. I think happiness is very important,โ€ she said after her successful attempt.

More records

Chinese Zhang Hong goes into history as the first blind man from Asia to control Everest. Two blind climbers from other continents preceded him.

The 46-year-old thought the ascent was terrified. โ€œI couldnt see where I was walking and I had trouble keeping my balance, which caused me to fall a few times.โ€

The record for the oldest American on Everest is also over. 75-year-old Arthur Muir broke the record of Bill Burke at the time 67 years old.

Base camp outbreak

The coronavirus still has a lot of impact this climbing season. For example, dozens and possibly hundreds of alpinists were infected in the base camp. Three groups therefore canceled their attempt, but the 41 other expeditions continued.

Mount Everest can normally be climbed from Nepal and China. After the infestations in the base camp, China decided to close that side of the mountain.

Because of the outbreak in the base camp, part of the camp was cordoned with ropes: