Google adapts new vacancy feature after criticism from competitors

If people search for jobs on Google, available jobs will soon appear at the top of the results. The company works together with Randstad, Monsterboard, DPG Recruitment and the central government. In time, the American company wants to make hundreds of thousands of vacancies easier to find

23 job boards complained last year to the European Commission about Google’s position, which has been available for some time in Germany, France and the UK. The job sites believe that Google is abusing its dominant position. The American company can easily put the vacancies at the top while the sites have to pay advertising money to get at the top of the results.

Euro commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who deals with competition, then said to have Google’s vacancy on the radar. Google had previously been fined for abusing its dominant position in other services. For example, according to the commission, Google unfairly favoured its own price comparison service.

Adjustment after criticism

Google Netherlands Director Martijn Bertisen says that he has worked with the European Commission to address concerns about the vacancy service. “After previous feedback we have built in direct links to the sites with the original vacancies”, says Bertisen.

He says companies are free to join the service. “Anyone can join. In the first phase, there are always partners who prefer to wait until the service is actually launched. We welcome everyone to join.”

According to Monsterboard, the position led to an average increase in applications per vacancy in other countries.

Free advertisements

Google also announced โ‚ฌ8.5 million worth of advertising funds to be provided to Dutch SMEs and charities. Together with MKB Nederland, the company will also train entrepreneurs to teach them more digital skills.