Google after closing authors Journey to the Savage Planet fails to fix important bug

Simultaneously with the closure of Google‘s gaming studios, Journey to the Savage Planet came out on Stadia, for which one of the internal teams – Typhoon Studios, was responsible. She was bought in December 2019. As it turned out, the game found a critical bug – for unknown reasons, it can just hang in the main menu without the possibility to do anything.

However, Google has closed developers, and neither she nor the publisher of 505 Games has yet to figure out what the problem may be. When applying in support of Google, there are asked to contact the publisher, and the publisher – to Google.

On Reddit, the representative of Stadia promised together with partners to find the source of the problem, but now for many the game is simply not available – they can not go beyond the main men. Here it is, bright future of cloud gaming.

What’s funny, Google in the Stadia ads made a big bet that games will not need updates – click and play. However, for 23 days, the novelty simply does not launch for part of the audience.

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