Google has reduced recruitment of new employees due to economic instability

Google has cut its hiring targets for the third quarter of this year. This means that the company will continue to hire employees for already announced positions, but will not open new vacancies. According to the Insider, citing internal sources, the slowdown in hiring was announced in June.

According to one source, reductions in recruitment are โ€œless than halfโ€ of the normal number, with recruitment for some open posts likely to be postponed until the end years old. According to another top manager, Google does not freeze hiring, but โ€œcarefully considers any requests for staff increases.

โ€ The company did not comment on the information. However, the companys CEO Sundar Pichai sent a letter to employees with explanations.

He confirmed the reduction in hiring and said that Google will focus on recruiting for engineering, technical and other important positions in the next two years. More on Gambling Russia will have an analogue of Apple Pay and Google Pay from MTS ASUS, HP and Lenovo laptops became the most popular in the second quarter The authors of the Lollipop Chainsaw remake will not change the plot and aesthetics of the game.