Google shuts down its gaming studios and changes Stadia development model

Google is shutting down its internal studios and head of gaming direction Jade Raymond will step down from the corporation. Along with this, the firm cancelled several projects it wanted to release after 2021, and changed the Stadia development model, focusing on finding content among third-party developers and publishers – no longer plan to create their games. Closing studios in Montreal and California puts more than 150 specialists at bay, but Google will try to find them new roles within the corporation.

Apparently, the company no longer plans to release exclusive games for Stadia, but will continue to support the service. At the same time, Google will offer its technologies to publishers so that they can open their own cloud services based on Stadia.

What will become of Shannon Stadstill is unknown. This is a former Sony Santa Monica executive who last year organized and led Googles gaming studio in California.

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