Gord, the game of former CD producer Projekt RED, turned out to be a colony simulator

A couple of days ago, Polish producer Stan Just announced his studios debut game Covenant. dev. And now Gord is officially represented by the announcing trailer and a page in Steam.

In Gord we have to establish and lead the colony in very dark conditions. The tribe of Dawn tries to survive in the wilds of the forbidden lands of the fantasy world, based on Slavic folklore.

In the adventure strategy we will not just collect resources and develop the settlement. Our colonists are waiting to meet with terrible mythical monsters, enemy tribes and the mystical secrets of the local lands.

At the same time, it is necessary to maintain a balance between the sanity of the settlers and the burden they have. In addition to the main story campaign, players are waiting for side missions, random encounters and procedurally generated test scenarios.

And searching the pages of the Annals, we will be able to learn about the history and secrets of the world of forbidden land. Gord should be released in 2022 on the RS and consoles of the new generation.

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