Gordon lashes out to follower on Instagram: ‘K*twijf! ‘

Gordon is all in the clouds with his new dog Toto. On Instagram he likes to share snaps of the beast. Although the 52-year-old singer receives a lot of positive reactions, there are also followers who respond less nicely. And that does not serve Gordon, to put it mildly.

On Monday, Gordon posted a picture showing him giving Toto a kiss. โ€œGiving kisses and sleeping is what @toto_fromgordon does! My heart is overflowing with happiness!โ€ , he writes along with it.

In a reaction under the snapshot, a follower writes: โ€œAnother dog in line, when should he leave again?โ€ The singer is clearly not charmed by this remark. โ€œUbergutmensch or k*twijf saltingโ€, he reacts.

Someone else writes โ€œDirty.โ€ Again, Goor does a lot of work. โ€œYour motherโ€, heralds his response.

Gordon has a French bulldog in house since Saturday. The beast now also has its own Instagram account with tens of thousands of followers.