Gotham Knights authors talked about the design of Mr. Freeze and his gang

The creators of Gotham Knights talked about the creation of the design of Mr. Freeze and members of his gang of Regulators, who turned out to be mercenaries. Criminals are equipped with the latest technology, preferring use such mechanisms to strengthen their own capabilities.

And when they start working with Freeze, they have special freezing attacks. And in this version, the villain hires them at some point, they‘re not just his followers.

The authors tried to reflect all this in the design, starting with Freeze himself – the local version has the most “sophisticated” technique in the whole of Gotham. Moreover, many of his tools are created on the basis of medical equipment, although some attributes familiar to fans also remained in place – like a dome above their heads, glasses and the like.

When developing the design, the authors themselves used VR- technologies that significantly helped them in the process, because the models can be considered in detail right in front of them. Initially, Regulators were not planned to be associated with Freeze, but their technical they also wanted to reflect preferences in appearance.

The stronger the enemy from the gang, the more all kinds of equipment they carry that threaten the heroes. Among the gang there are fans of fights, stun guns, shooters, snipers and drone masters.

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