‘Gothic II: Horinis’ Story Fashion Makers Apologize for Delay

In December 2020, the authors of the global modification of the โ€œChronicles of Myrtanaโ€ to Gothic II announced that the release of the first episode titled โ€œArcholosโ€ was not far off. And now we decided to remind about themselves and the creators of the fashion โ€œHistory of Horinisโ€: we remind that both projects were originally one modification, but then the ways of their authors disloed. Premiere of the prequelโ€ Gothic II: The Story of Horinisโ€ was due to take place in December 2020, however, as explained by its creators, the pandemic affected not only professional studios.

As you know, over voice acting Dzieje Khorinis work professional actors, and for all of them it is a non-profit project, which should have been allocated not only time, but also, in connection with isolation, equipment. Difficulties arose with recording music with live orchestra.

In this regard, the authors of the modification had to suspend work on voice acting until the best times: the team hopes that vaccines will allow to return to normal life. In an apology for the delay, the team published a recording of almost 15 minutes of gameplay.

However, the developers continue to work on the island of Vaduz, creating both new models of objects and characters, and additional tasks, animations, equipment items. The world is trying to make alive, reacting to the player.

All this will require extra time, so in the coming months the release of the fashion โ€œGothic II: The Story of Horinisโ€ will not take place. However, its authors believe that postponement will help them make the project even better.

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