Götze discusses’ wrong ‘transfer: ‘As a 21-year-old you should give yourself more time’

Mario Götze states that he learned a lot from the period during which he had to suffer from a metabolic disorder. The German was out of circulation for several months in 2017 and also saw his body change.

Götze held more fluid due to the disease, making it seem as if he had not been trained. The PSV‘er recovered and looks back on an educational period three years later. This temporary situation was very important to me, he says in a large interview with ZDF. That’s why I know where my limits lie, what I do well and what I don‘t do right.
The 2014 World Champion also looked back on his career so far. In 2013 he made the sensational transition from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich, but Götze now states that this is the only mistake he made in his career. Maybe I should have given myself a little more time as a 21-year-old. At Bayern, you don’
t really have that time.