Goudhaantje Van Bommel jr. is going to call his father Mark

The duel between Helmond Sport and MVV Maastricht had a remarkable goalscorer. In the extra time, substitute Thomas van Bommel, indeed the son of former international Mark van Bommel, made the same for the Limburgers. Jelle Goselink had given a Brabant lead out of a penalty shortly after the rest.

Van Bommel jr. was obviously overjoyed with his hit. It was also his first goal in professional football. And it happens that his father also scored against Helmond Sport when he took his first steps in paid football. โ€œThat‘s a coincidence, I didn’t know,โ€ says Thomas van Bommel in front of Fox Sports‘s camera. โ€œI’ll call him later.โ€

Van Bommel expects that he will receive a lot of calls after his – at least for his family-historical hit. โ€œI haven‘t looked on my phone yet. I had to wait until we could get into the dressing room because we’re in another locker room. I think my phone is red-hot.โ€