Government angrily walks out of House of Representatives

Something remarkable happened in the House of Representatives last night: All ministers walked away angrily when politician Thierry Baudet was talking. The reason is that Baudet said that Minister Kaag went to school in a place where, according to him, many spies also went.

In doing so, Baudet wanted to make it look like Minister Kaag is a spy for another country, says Prime Minister Rutte.

The governments politicians are very sorry that Baudet pretends that Minister Kaag is doing secret things and should not actually be trusted.

Sigrid Kaag is Minister of Finance. That means shes about where the governments money goes. For some time now, she has been seriously threatened and needs extra security.


According to many politicians, these threats are partly due to the bad things that politician Thierry Baudet says about her. This time, Sigrid Kaag was so upset about it that she got up and walked away.

What would you do if someone keeps saying annoying things about you? We have a statement about it. Let us know in the comments how you would deal with this.

The other ministers supported Minister Kaag and also left the room. And that almost never happens in the House of Representatives. After a while, only Prime Minister Rutte returned.

Baudet did not want to take back his words and therefore he was no longer allowed to speak from the President of the House of Representatives.