Government Army Ethiopia attacks insurgents, “many weapons destroyed”

The Ethiopian government army has carried out air strikes on TPLF militia positions in the rebellious region of Tigray, in the north of the country. According to Prime Minister Abiy, many weapons have been destroyed and the rebels are no longer able to counterattack.

The fighters of the TPLF (Tigray Peoples Liberation Front) are serving in Tigray. A few days ago, they attacked a government army base in the region, according to Prime Minister Abiy, to take weapons.

The attack on the TPLF militia is a retaliation for that action, in which several soldiers were killed. It is not clear whether the counterattack has also resulted in casualties.

Retaliation was announced

Prime Minister Abiy had already announced that he would avenge the attack on his military. Just before that, he had sent additional soldiers to the rebellious region.

The international community has called on the warring parties to maintain peace in Tigray. Escalation of violence leads to a cross-border war, it is feared.