Government gives financial boost: 51,000 homes built faster

More than 51,000 homes can be built more quickly thanks to a financial contribution from the government. The national government is investing 290 million euros for this; provinces and municipalities are contributing 331 million euros.

The States money comes from a pot of 1 billion euros that Minister Ollongren made available last year to give housing construction a boost. The 290 million is the first part of that.

27 construction projects

Construction is scheduled to start next year. It concerns 27 housing projects that could not have started without a financial contribution from the government, for example because land needs to be cleaned up or because a good connection to public transport needs to be arranged.

The majority of the 51,000 homes fall into the categories of social housing, medium-rental and affordable owner-occupied housing. Many projects pay special attention to housing for starters, seniors and students, for example. The new building is spread across the country. In Rijswijk, for example, an outdated shopping centre is being transformed into a place to live and work. In addition, 670 houses are being built in the railway station area of Nijmegen and 700 temporary homes are being built in Eindhoven.

Second round

Ollongren speaks of a solid contribution to reducing the housing shortage: “To give starters and people on lower incomes more opportunities, faster and more affordable housing must be built” Next month, municipalities can submit proposals for the second round of projects. The minister acknowledges that the housing shortage is still great. The cabinet wants 845,000 houses to be built by 2030

Earlier this week it appeared that the government wants to reduce the landlord levy for housing corporations by 200 million euros. Part of this is intended to reduce the rents of tenants with financial problems. Ollongren is receiving a lot of criticism from the opposition in the Lower House for its housing policy.