Government party Japan gives green light for successor Abe

In Japan, the main wing of the governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has given the green light for Cabinet Secretary Suga as the new party leader and successor to Prime Minister Abe.

Abe announced his resignation on Friday for health reasons. The 71-year-old Suga has been the most important government spokesperson since 2012, and thus the conservative prime minister‘s right-hand man for many years.

Suga has yet to officially announce his candidacy for party leadership. But with the blessing of the most important LDP members he will most likely become the new prime minister of Japan. The party has the majority in the Japanese House of Commons.

The Japanese public broadcaster NHK reports on the basis of sources within the party that the new party leader will be elected on 14 September. Until that moment, Abe remains at his post. His successor will serve the Prime Minister’s term of office.