Government sells 500 elephants to hunt

A striking plan from the government in Zimbabwe. Hunters will soon be able to pay money there to shoot an elephant. The country does so because there are big money problems.

Normally, people in Zimbabwe earn money through tourism. Tourists travel to the country to go on safari and spot wildlife. But because of corona the tourists stay away and the economy is bad. Because of this plan, there might be some money coming in.

Do not extinct

There are

about 80,000 elephants in Zimbabwe. If 500 are shot, there will be plenty left. The species will not extinct.

Yet conservationists are not happy with the plan. They say that this is not a good solution.

Christiaan therefore hopes that the vaccinations will go quickly. Then more people will travel again and Zimbabwe will be able to earn money again through tourism. And then the elephants can just live.