Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings: Noclip Documentary Dedicated to the History of DMA Design

A video about the history and main achievements of the British studio DMA Design has been published on the Noclip studios YouTube channel. This name may not be known to new generations, because the studio has long been named Rockstar North. In the documentary, the creators talk about the early years of DMA Design, since its foundation in 1984 .

They talk in detail about the work on the game Lemmings, which became an event and made the studio famous, and other projects. The main part of the story, of course, is devoted to the work on the first parts cult Grand Theft Auto series.

And the leading role was played by Dan and Sam Housers, as well as Leslie Benzis. Unique materials for the video were provided by the Video Game History Foundation.

They are promised to be published on the Archive resource, and a link to them will be added to the description of the documentary later. More at 99% Social Justice, 1% Work Gambling: quotes from Blizzard employee Call of Duty: Vanguard players are selling what Women gave away for free in Call of Duty: WWII save the world in a dubbed Code 355 trailer.