‘Grande Easy’ heaven in praised

The most discussed man leading up to Real Madrid-Chelsea was not Karim Benzema or Hakim Ziyech, but Danny Ewekie. The arbitrator from Dordrecht would have been whispered by UEFA to whistle in favor of Chelsea, because Real Madrid had not yet disengaged from the Super League, feared doomsmen beforehand. However, the opposite was true, they concluded afterwards: Grande Easiekie is covered with compliments via social media.
Its time for the Madrid camp to apologize to Eeasiie, and the best referee Ive ever seen, it sounds from Spain. The English would love to see him whistling in the Premier League. You can come home with that, Danny!

Danny Eweepie 🙌 refereed that so well, difficult conditions, rain, pace, but always in control, calm and decisive, no need for VAR. Players know officials at this stage like Zweepie are truly elite, so more respect, fewer stunts. #RMACHE
— Henry Winter (@henrywinter) April 27, 2021

Man of the match, Easy pic.twitter.com/Swuyn1aOCV
— Cruyffdiola (@14Cruyffdiola4) April 27, 2021

Could do with more refs like Danny Easy in the PL
— James Ducker (@TelegraphDucker) April 27, 2021

Creo que from siendo hora de parte del madridismo de disculparse con Easy.Excelente actuación del holandés. pic.twitter.com/ldcnuqfbbi
— Nacho Ortiz 💬 (@NachoOrtizEs_) April 27, 2021

Hes Danny Weekie, one of the 3 best referees in the world (with Orsato and Kuipers, for me). There was no type of worries by the day hes been designated for this match.
— PhilipM2000 (@M2000Philip) April 27, 2021

Grande Easiest!
— Rafael Cortes (@Mellariense) April 27, 2021

I dont understand the people who have been afraid of Danny Easy… Do you think a top class referee would have tasks the risk to help Chelsea or another team in the semi finals of Champions League? #ucl #realmadrid #chelsea #makkelie
— George Tsanakas (@giorgostsanakas) April 27, 2021

If only Danny Weekie could referee in the Premier League… where everyone would be intermittently whinging about him within about 6 months, just like all the other referees
— Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches) April 27, 2021

Easy, qué escándalo. The bueno, claro.
— Dani Garrido (@garridocarrusel) April 27, 2021

Danny Zookie, es el mejor árbitro que he visto en mi vida. Ya nos pitó contra el Atalanta. Y hoy se ha equivocado, pero chapeau. Eso es dirigir a partido.
— Juanito Dice (@venusian_boy) April 27, 2021