Graphics by George Martin and First Lord Godfrey โ€” Elden Ring details

EDGE has released a big interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, who talked about the development of the upcoming Elden Ring. Weve collected the most interesting things in this news. George Martin and inspirationMiyazaki began the interview by sharing his impressions of working with George Martin.

According to him, the writer had an idea of Dark Souls games, and also showed great interest and passion for fantasy worlds. The Japanese themselves flew to the United States to meet with Martin.

They decided not to limit the writers work with ready-made materials and concept, so he was immediately warned that he would not write the plot and the game text. His task was setting, as well as various themes and motives that could come to his mind.

The developers shared with him their โ€œvagueโ€ ideas about the background of the world of Elden Ring, as well as topics that they would like to explore within the framework of the game. As for other sources of inspiration, Miyazaki and the team turned to English literature, including Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings and Michaels The Eternal Warrior Moorcock, as well as board role-playing games like Runequest.

Miyazaki was also asked about the similarity of the Elden Ring with the Ring of Power, to which the game director replied that there was no direct connection between them. He described Eldens Ring as something โ€œabstract and metaphorical.

โ€ Whos the yearThen Miyazaki talked about the character on the cover of the latest issue of EDGE โ€” his name is Godfrey, and he is one of the important heroes of Elden Ring. He was the first Lord and husband of the eternal Queen Marika, the mistress of the covenant Ring.

At that time, the world was a period of greatness and abundance, and Godfrey was the personification of all that was great. But he was expelled from the Intermediate Lands through his own fault.

Godfrey himself became Tarnished, like the protagonist of the game, that is, the one who used to shine brightly, but then faded. You can say that Godfrey has a deep connection with the player.

Miyazaki noted that Godfrey is an important part of the Elden Ring story, so he does not reveal more details now WILLING. Open WorldBy creating an open world, the authors decided to trust their usual approach, which was used in the development of all the studios games.

However, Miyazaki admitted that he does not know if this decision was right. The scale of the open world allowed the team to implement ideas that they might have previously abandoned.

The team tried to create the pace of the game in such a way that the players were not bored and always had something to do with themselves. By the way, the locations โ€œEternal Cityโ€ and โ€œTemple in Heavenโ€, previously mentioned on Twitter, are present in the game itself.

The developers have focused on exploring the world, so Elden Ring has many interesting places that players will definitely want to visit. About DevelopmentInemployees had to expand their skills in order to work on new tasks and save resources.

As an example, Miyazaki cited the procedural generation of vegetation. As for the graphics, Miyazaki admitted that it is not a priority.

Of course, after the release of the Demons Souls remake that Bluepoint Games worked on, the team in charge of the visual at FromSoftware felt some pressure. Miyazaki understands everything, but he is completely satisfied with the work he has done.

Elden Ring promises to be the most beautiful game in the studio. Horse battles are completely optional when it comes to mount battles.

Of course, the developers have tried to create various situations in which the use of a horse will be a profitable tactic, but in the end, the player will decide for himself what kind of passing style he chooses. Miyazaki assured that the developers wanted to encourage the player, but never force him to do anything.

The main thing about Elden Ring is freedom. Even more details from Miyazakis interview: the game director himself does not plan to play Elden Ring, and in-game rings will not be able to be equipped, but they will not be able to be equipped the role will be related to the story.

Recall that Elden Ring is released on February 25 on the PC, as well as both PlayStation and Xbox. Cover of the issue More on Gambling The authors of Star Citizen sell a set of ships for $40 thousand In MMO Conqueror&