Grapperhaus acknowledges that processing personal data by NCTV is ‘legally vulnerable’

Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security confirms that the National Coordinator Counter-Terrorism and Security (NCTV) may have failed to track citizens on the Internet.

NRC wrote on Friday that the NCTV has collected and distributed personal data about citizens for years. For example, with fake accounts, NCTV employees followed social media from religious leaders and left-wing and right-wing activists. This information ended up in weekly reports to municipalities, police, AIVD and foreign security services.

The NCTV is not authorized to do this, the newspaper wrote. Nor is there a supervisor to be accountable. The intelligence and security services have such a supervisor.

Legally vulnerable

In a letter to the House of Representatives, Grapperhaus writes that last year the NCTV started an investigation into its legal powers and the work being done. The conclusion was that โ€œgapsโ€ should be closed and that the organisation is โ€œlegally vulnerableโ€ and โ€œneeds reinforcement if personal data are processed on the basis of public sources surveysโ€.

Grapperhaus was informed about this in March. He wants to send the results to the Chamber before the summer break and discuss with the Chamber how these aspects of the work of the NCTV can be better regulated by law. He will make proposals for that himself.

Press agency ANP writes that the use of fake accounts has been suspended until it is established whether it is permitted by law.