Grapperhaus: almost all NLers adhered well to rules this New Year

The Cabinet looks back fairly satisfied at the turn of the year. According to Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security), the ban on fireworks has done its job and has not been great excesses.

โ€œ We have seen that the vast majority of the Dutch have celebrated old and new at home, in small company and without firing off fireworks,โ€ says Grapperhaus. According to the CDA, the first signals from hospitals about the harvest of the ban on gunpowder are positive. โ€œThey have never had so few people with fireworks injuries in the emergency room. Emergency care and care seem to have been relieved, and that was the main argument for the ban on fireworks.โ€

With less satisfaction, he looks at the busy night for the emergency services. Although major incidents have not been reported, agents and firefighters often had to go out. โ€œA small group of people caused great inconvenience by setting fire to cars, bulling cops and firefighters with fireworks. That is unacceptable,โ€ says Grapperhaus. โ€œYou stay away from our agents, firefighters and other responders.โ€

The minister says no emergency workers have been seriously injured as far as we know. โ€œBut every fireworks bomb, throwing a firecracker is one too many.โ€