Grapperhaus: ‘Carbid no alternative fireworks’

Hubert Bruls, Chairman of the Security Council, is concerned about the run on carbide that appears to have arisen after the fireworks banned. โ€œIn some regions, this is a tradition and there they have experience. But when I hear theres a run on milkcans and carbide, that worries me. If you have no experience with it, it can be very dangerous.โ€

In the regions where there is a tradition of carbide shooting (which is eight out of the 25 safety regions), Bruls says there will be talk to the burgmasters. โ€œTheyre going to discuss whether we should keep an eye on it.โ€

According to Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice), who was also at the Security Council, the carbid-story is really up to the municipalities themselves. โ€œIt is a matter of what local customs are and how it is arranged. But we shouldnt start seeing this as an alternative fireworks. Certainly not. We have now really banned fireworks for one year to relieve care.โ€