Grapperhaus: check corona pass better

Entrepreneurs should take checking the corona access tickets seriously. Demissionary Minister Grapperhaus said that for the Council of Ministers following an investigation by I&O Research commissioned by the CCeit.

According to I&O, more than a third of all visitors to the hospitality industry, cinemas, concert halls and other occasions are not monitored on the corona pass. Grapperhaus thinks it is a solid investigation and according to him the results are โ€œnot goodโ€.

He stressed that he has made extra money available to allow municipalities and entrepreneurs to check the passes.

Biting the molar

The Minister has called on the mayors by letter to abide by the rules. There will also be discussions next week. โ€œIts going to bite the molars for a while,โ€ he said.

Grapperhaus praised initiatives to work with wristbands in crowded areas, so that not every cafรฉ has to check the corona pass separately.

De Jonge: corona pass still need

Minister De Jonge reiterated that the corona pass โ€œremains necessary for a whileโ€. He stressed that the cabinet is now mainly looking at the number of hospitalizations and not so much the infections: โ€œIf we are structurally below an average of ten ICU admissions and forty hospitalizations a day, we can see if we can use the corona pass in fewer places or if there are can even get rid of it.โ€

So the cabinet does not know how long the pass will remain, but De Jonge underlined that it really is a temporary measure. The first week of November, the cabinet will release a new weighting.