Grapperhaus: fine for entrepreneurs opening terraces

Hospitality facilities that open the terraces next week can count on a fine, warns Minister Grapperhaus. A number of departments of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland have called for the terraces to be opened from Tuesday, but the cabinet thinks that this is really not possible.

The demissionary Minister of Justice spoke with Royal Horeca Nederland this morning. This afternoon, he will speak to the Mayors of the Security Council on enforcement.

He calls the opening of the terraces โ€œillegalโ€ and warns that occasions that do not comply with the corona measures may eventually even be closed.

โ€œDon‘t let reins celebrateโ€

His colleague De Jonge understands that catering entrepreneurs who see a full Vondelpark ask themselves โ€œwhy it is possible thereโ€. But according to him, there is no room to do more now after the alleviations announced on Tuesday. โ€œMayors are right to maintain; they must manage the crowds.โ€

De Jonge stresses โ€œthat we are at the beginning of a third wave and that this is not the time to celebrate the reinsโ€.

โ€œScratching behind the ears.โ€

Minister Van’t Wout called on entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry this morning not to participate in the protest campaign. He also urges people who want to have a party in the park to โ€œscratch behind their earsโ€ again. โ€œDon‘t do it,โ€ says the demissionary Minister of Economic Affairs, โ€œbecause it is simply dangerous, meetings like that.โ€

Van’t Wout says that the cabinet, with the few eases that come into effect next week, โ€œis already taking a conscious riskโ€.

The minister understands the irritation of the hospitality entrepreneurs. โ€œWhen I see these parks flooding, I also think of: boy, nice solidarity. Not only with the hospitality industry, but also with the people who work in the care sector. So mayors simply have to enforce, which is what Minister Grapperhaus speaks to them about. And that‘s not fun, but it’s necessary.โ€

Look here for an explanation from the Minister:

Minister Van Ark for Medical Care does not yet see room to increase the number of contact moments between people, however harsh she thinks that people are now sitting next to a closed catering establishment for a drink. โ€œBut if you open the terraces, of course more people will come to that. And we must continue to realize that such a virus spits from one person to another.โ€

Together with hospitality entrepreneurs, Grapperhaus wants to make a plan to open the terraces safely at a later date. โ€œBut we should not start raising expectations about the short term.โ€