Grapperhaus: no understanding for people ‘who take their freedom’

Minister Grapperhaus once again calls on the public to comply with the rules of coronation. โ€œThat we need to use the ME on Kings Day to allow people to behave reasonably, we should not have that. We are not that country. Whole groups of people went to big cities, despite the urgent professions of mayors not to come,โ€ he said this morning after deliberation with colleagues.

According to the demissionary Minister of Justice, the gradual easing of things should not be a licence for people to take back their own freedom: Stay away from the crowds, keep a metre and a half, take care of hygiene, he said.

Grapperhaus called on people who want to go to a terrace today not to hang out if they have not made a reservation. And anyone who wants to shop should go back when downtown is too busy, he said. Not everyone takes that advice to heart: at different retail chains today there are long lines.

According to the principal, there is no need to reverse the announced eases now.