Grapperhaus: regret violating corona rules in marriage

Minister Grapperhaus regrets that last Saturday’s wedding did not always respect the other half rule. Grapperhaus got married Saturday in Bloemendaal and on images from SBS Shownieuws you can see that people are standing close together on the stairs of the town hall.

Grapperhaus emphasizes that because of the corona rules, the wedding was deliberately “celebrated in a small setting”, with only the families and a few good friends, and that the party was postponed for that reason. Grapperhaus adds that before and during the wedding day, he has constantly reminded people to keep their distance if they do not belong to the same household and to respect the other corona rules.

But he adds that he understands that people look at the images critically and have questions about compliance: “Precisely because, as Minister of Justice and Security, I constantly stress the importance of compliance”. Grapperhaus acknowledges that “unfortunately, there have been moments where the one and a half meter has not been observed”. He believes that as Minister of Justice he should always set a good example.