Grapperhaus: riots repulsive, fast – right for perpetrators

The suspects of the riots in Rotterdam will be tackled by rapid law, has informed the missionary minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security. He calls last night‘s riots and extreme violence in the center of Rotterdam โ€œrepulsive to seeโ€.

In a statement, he expresses deep respect โ€œfor all agents and ME people, but also all the firefighters and other emergency workers who worked hard yesterday to bring the peace back to the city.โ€

Last night, the police were pelted with stones and fireworks, scooters and cars were also set on fire:

โ€œDemonstrating is a great right in our society, but what we saw last night is simply criminal behavior. It has nothing to do with demonstration,โ€ says Grapperhaus.

This afternoon he visited a barracks of the Rotterdam fire department, where he spoke to firefighters about the events of last night. โ€œThe firefighters say they’ve never experienced this in the sometimes 35 years they‘ve been working here,โ€ said Grapperhaus.

As an example, he mentioned that because of the violence, the fire department had to retreat to a fire that threatened to skip to a residential building where people were still there. โ€œThat just went well.โ€

According to him, they were organized groups, including from outside the city, that wreak havoc. He called it criminal partnerships, which were only looking to attack police and firefighters. โ€œIt’s separate from the demonstration.โ€

Rioters were arrested last night, and according to the minister, there will be more to come. โ€œWe‘ll cover every penny of damage on them. She’ll learn that. If necessary, we simply drag their car out in front of the door.โ€

โ€œCrocodile Tearsโ€

Police union ACP calls the riots completely unacceptable, but also criticizes The Hague. The union compares all the shocked reactions of politicians to crocodile tears. โ€œIf there had been more police capacity, we could have coped with the problems.โ€ Politics has ignored the alarm signals about this, says ACP.