Grapperhaus: the vast majority has been exquisite with New Years Eve

Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security looks back on the turn of the year with satisfaction. According to him, almost the whole of the Netherlands adhered to the urgent advice and measures and many people simply stayed at home, with little visits. However, the Minister notes that there were small groups of wheel turners active in several places, who, according to him, โ€œabide by nothing at allโ€.

โ€œ The vast majority of people have been exquisite,โ€ says Grapperhaus. โ€œA game of scrabble has become the national sport again. There have been illegal parties, but few. The vast majority of people have said: choose one another, but we have to get rid of the misery of the virus.โ€ According to him, there was also less violence this year against aid workers, who, according to the manager, have done โ€œan excellent jobโ€.

Chief of Corps Henk van Essen says it was a busy night for the police, with many reports of nuisance. They were mostly about fires and fireworks. According to Van Essen, major excesses have not been. โ€œUnfortunately, in several places colleagues and other aid workers have again been confronted with aggression and violence and have been thrown to police and fire brigade with heavy illegal fireworks. That is and will remain unacceptable.โ€

Fireworks Prohibition

Despite the fireworks ban, fireworks were seen and heard in many places. According to the D.A., 116,000 kilos were seized last year, almost twice as much as in 2019. Grapperhaus: โ€œThere is certainly still illegal fireworks fired, but the police indicate that there have been no major disasters. In a number of places there were wheel turners who want to destroy anyway, set fire, set off illegal fireworks. The police say that in a number of places they have taken control very clearly.โ€

According to him, it is a โ€œsmall group that does not stick to anything at allโ€. People who throw fireworks at aid workers are โ€œdangerous lunaticsโ€ in the eyes of the minister.

The main purpose of the fireworks ban was to relieve the burden of care, and the Minister of Justice seems to have succeeded. Earlier today, President Bruls of the Security Council advocated a definitive ban on fireworks. Grapperhaus, who celebrated New Years Eve at home with a game of scrabble, does not want to draw final conclusions on 1 January.


Earlier today, the Dutch Police Association said that the New Year did not go quietly, but that there was no โ€œbattleโ€. In several places fireworks were thrown at cops and firefighters. For example, three officers were injured in Arnhem when they were thrown with stones at the end of a party. In Wapenveld, a cop fired a warning shot when he was attacked by young people.

In Waardenburg, the ME stopped a group of about a hundred people who prevented the fire department from extinguishing a car fire. Also in Rotterdam, the Mobile Unit intervened when young people coached the fire brigade with stones and fireworks.

Also in Leeuwarden the police were attacked with fireworks: