Grapperhaus: understanding if pubs stay open tonight after 10 p.m.

Minister Grapperhaus believes that there is no need to act against pubs that remain open between 22:00 and 24:00 tonight. It is a local decision whether or not to intervene, but as Minister of Justice and Security, he has every understanding of it if it is not done.

A lot of corona measures will be relaxed tomorrow. The hospitality industry can stay open for longer. Now cafes have to close at 10 pm. But at midnight, that rule expires and the doors can open again.

Grapperhaus believes that enforcers are allowed to close an eye in the two hours between. He says he talked to municipalities and police about that. โ€œAnd I find everyone understands that. The Netherlands is a country where we occasionally condone something.โ€

He points out that the basic rules, such as keeping one and a half metres away, continue to apply. And he stresses that it‘s โ€œultimately a local decision and I don’t want to join that. We‘re not going to make it difficult for municipalities that don’t appeal to the hospitality industry between 22:00 and 24:00.โ€